May 29, 2024

Viola Davis Stars In Upcoming Kung Fu Panda 4

It’s been 15 years since the debut of Kung Fu Panda, and next spring, the saga continues. The lovable master of Kung Fu and chosen Dragon Warrior Po Ping, voiced by Jack Black, returns to the big screen next spring for the fourth movie franchise. However, he might be ready to turn over a new bamboo after defeating numerous villains and studying martial arts.

As he gears up to his new role as Spiritual Leader of the Valley of Peace, he must find a new warrior to continue the legacy. The risky feat challenges a new antagonist, Chameleon, a wicked lizard voiced by Viola Davis, who years for Po’s Staff of Wisdom that grants her the power to resurrect all villains from the spiritual realm. Though the shapeshifter will have many temps to regain her power, our tenacious hero will find friendly allies along the way for the most epic battle of the series.

Directed by Mike Mitchell, whose previous works have been Trolls and Shrek Forever After, fans can expect nothing short of jam-packed action and comedic moments. The Kung Fu series is the production’s highest-grossing animation franchise, totaling more than 1.8 billion globally at the box office. It earned an Academy Award on its initial debut—the original cast returns to voice their favorite characters with some new surprise voices throughout the film. The Dreamworks film is set to premiere on March 8, 2024.

Check out the official trailer for a first look at KUNG FU PANDA 4.

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