May 30, 2024

TLC Says Left Eye Would’ve Been “The Kanye Of Twitter”

TLC was presented with the first-ever People’s Award At Audacy’s V-103 Winterfest. Backstage, the group reflected on their win, their longevity, and discussed where they’d be as a trio if Left Eye were still alive.

T-Boz added, “[There’s] no telling what heights we woulda reached, if she were still here. I mean because it’s still a blessing that we’re still able to tour and are still selling out arenas overseas and in America.”

Chilli shared, “Her memory lives on through us.” To which T-Boz piggybacked, “We always keep [her] alive in everything we do.”

After over 30 years in the industry, the women revealed that their longevity isn’t something that they “can get used to,” with T-Boz describing it as being “surreal.”

“You say you wanna be the biggest and the baddest, but we’re kinda still holding the torch,” she quipped. “I’m just saying and it’s a blessing.”

When later asked about new music, TLC confessed that it’s on the way, but not in the form of an album.

After releasing their TLC Forever documentary back in June, the two confirmed that a Broadway play with the Hamilton team and a rumored TV show are both in the works. However, further details regarding both projects remain under wraps.

In the meantime, TLC announced that they’re celebrating the 30th anniversary of their magnum opus, CrazySexyCool, with an intimate tour in New Zealand and Australia, along with Busta Rhymes and En Vogue. TLC has not confirmed whether or not the tour will touch down domestically.

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