May 30, 2024

Sonnie Badu orders Daniel Duncan Williams to take time off social media and protect the legacy of his father

Multiple award-winning Ghanaian gospel singer, Sonnie Badu has advised Daniel Duncan-Williams, the son of Archbishop Duncan-Williams, to stop engaging in irresponsible behavior on social media.

Not long ago, the son of the popular Ghanaian man of God caused a stir on various social media platforms by sharing adult videos of himself. Worried about what Daniel did, Sonnie Badu took his social media pages to urge Daniel to stop ‘fooling’.

The ‘Baba’ hitmaker, believes that God has a great plan for Daniel and it is crucial for him to put an end to his nonsensical actions. Sonnie further ordered Daniel to take a break from social media, focus on his well-being, and return even stronger.

Additionally, the singer emphasized the importance of Daniel safeguarding his father’s legacy.

“Hey Daniel, (Gyai gyimie no) my Twitter has been buzzing all day. “Is this not the one you said God will use?” Yes, I still stand by my Word, however, remember one day you will have children and a congregation, and you will have to explain this to them … Take time off social media, fix yourself, and come back stronger… GOD WILL USE YOU ONE DAY … Protect the legacy of your father don’t destroy it … Long live the Ducan William legacy. Next time your page will be reported…” he said.

Recall in August 2023, Sonnie Badu took to his Instagram account to prophesy about Daniel Duncan Williams.

“Daniel Duncan William is going to be a very powerful Prophet of God, You can mark down this date. Everything he is going through indicates that God is about to use him mightily,” he wrote.

“There is a generation that is arising, and he will be the only one able to easily access them and make an impact. Just remember this day and know that God’s ways are not our ways .. @archbishopnick, our generation is blessed to have you…love you,” he further stated.

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