May 30, 2024

Sadio Mane’s wife get grand reception as she resumes school

Aisha Tamba, the new wife of Sadio Mane, received a joyful welcome as she returned to school just one day after her wedding to the Senegalese football star.

Mane, who now plays for the Al-Nassr football team, married Aisha in a beautiful Islamic ceremony on January 7 in Keur Massar, a suburb of Dakar, in Senegal.

A heartwarming video circulating online shows Aisha being warmly embraced by her school community in celebration of her marriage to the footballer. The footage captures a large crowd gathering on the school grounds, singing songs of joy for Aisha and Mane.

It has been reported that Aisha is currently pursuing her baccalaureate studies at a school in Mbao, a town located in Dakar.

The baccalaureate is an academic qualification typically obtained by students upon completing their secondary education.

Sadio Mane marries Aisha

Aisha’s father, Amadou Tamba, revealed that Mane had noticed his daughter over two years ago when she visited his family with her mother.

However, it was only when Aisha turned 18 that Sadio Mane was able to legally marry her and celebrate their union.

Presently, Tamba is reportedly pursuing her baccalaureate studies in Mbao, a delightful town located in Dakar. The baccalaureate is a highly esteemed academic accomplishment granted to students upon finishing their secondary education.

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