May 29, 2024

#PomoAtFailaCookathon: Pomo And Chef Faila Team Up To Feed Hundreds Of Supporters At Cook-A-Thon

Pomo, a leading tomato mix brand from the house of GBfoods Ghana, is providing free hot meals to hundreds of teaming supporters who have thronged to the Modern City Hotel to support Chef Faila in her Guinness Word Record breaking attempt.

With each passing hour that Chef Faila continues to cook, her fan base, both online and at the venue grows making it necessary to provide them with enough food.

While Chef Faila is cooking amazing meals in the record-breaking attempt, a significant number of her supporters do not get the opportunity to taste her meals.

However, her supporters are neither going hungry nor waning support, as Pomo has stepped in to provide hot meals.

“We have a celebratory atmosphere which is serving as a huge morale boost for Chef Faila to continue cooking and meet her new goal of 240 hours, we do not want that to stop that is why we are making sure there is food available,” Category Manager at GBfoods Ghana, Yaw Amponsah Darko said in a statement.

“When the food prepared by Chef Faila is not enough for the hundreds of supporters at the venue, our team steps in to ensure that there is food available to fans and supporters,” he added.

“We are doing this to ensure that we keep the momentum going and get enough support to carry Chef Faila to a record-breaking time,” he maintained.

The supporters, many of whom have been at the venue for hours had words of gratitude for Pomo Tomato mix brand for not only providing them with food but also helping to create a supportive atmosphere for Chef Faila.

Ahlam Tahiru, 41, and a supporter of Chef Faila, who has been at the venue each day was grateful for the action taken by Pomo to provide hot meals for him and other supporters.

Fatahiya Musah, 37, who is still insistent on tasting Chef Faila’s food was, however, also glad that she at least had food to keep her going from Pomo.

As at the time of filing this report, Chef Faila had been cooking for more than 130 hours which has already surpassed the current world record time of 119 hours held by Alan Fisher.

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