May 30, 2024

Nigerian YouTuber tops trends after revealing she got a “Christian BBL”

A popular Nigerian YouTuber, Sophia Idahosa, has set Twitter on fire after revealing she got a “Christian BBL.”

In her latest YouTube vlog titled; “I Got A Christian BBL, Addressing Hate Comments, How I Feel About My Results Now,” Sophia’s first words to her followers was news about her friend welcoming a baby. She further revealed a phone call from her mom praying for her and wishing her a speedy recovery.

In the video, Sophia shares her post body enhancement surgery while addressing fans who left unkind comments on her previous video.

“This surgery that I’ve had, a lot of people had it and did not wake up but God woke me up, and it’s been six weeks and I’m healing so well and I’ve still not figured out how to tell God thank you. Even beyond the surgery, he still keeps me safe, sound, provided for, protected everyday. How can I even catch up to say thank you?” she’s heard saying in the video.

According to Sophia, although she loves her body, getting a slimmer waist is something she’s always wanted, hence, her decision to go under the knife.

“This surgery is something I’ve wanted for years. I’m an “Edo” babe. culturally we’re known to be very shapely…and it’s like yes, god blessed me but I always wanted an unreal waist,” she added.

A very excited Sophia, who is know 6 weeks post surgery expressed she “cannot wait to take pictures” and show off her new body.

Sharing a piece of advice with her followers, Sophia encouraged everyone to be unapologetic about the decision they take when it comes to their bodies, stating that God gave them the ability to do so.

“Take if from me, if you need inspiration to be unapologetically you, know that God is the only person that can judge you and 99.9% of the time, he loves you. god made me this way, He made me to love all these things,” she concluded.

Sophia’s controversial video has since caught the attention of social media users and has stirred up conversations on Twitter.

See some reactions to her video below;

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