May 29, 2024

“It was meant to be”- Berla Mundi shares “how we met” story at her wedding

Ghanaians were stunned by the news of Berla Mundi’s nuptials yesterday, and while it was a private event, we have some exclusive videos from the event.

Berla’s wedding to David Tabi has been both surprising and welcoming to her fans and in this video from the ceremony, she shares how they met.

According to Berla, their union was “meant to be” due to the many connections they had both with family and friends.

Narrating how they met, she said;

“…And I said I love this guy because he’s been sending me DMs for many many months… and I said this guy is actually cute but then again, I don’t like social media stuff so I didn’t really pay attention to.

“And then Naana showed me his picture and immediately I started sending messages to people asking “do you know this guy?”

“And eventually Efua’s husband who is the best man later found out that they grew up together and he married one of my best friends and then now one of my best friends who s marrying me,” she shared at their reception.

Adding that, “So, I guess it was meant to happen. We also found out that his mum has known my family since she was growing up so there’s been a connection somewhere and here we are today.”

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