May 30, 2024

Ice Spice’s Makeup-Free Photo Goes Viral, Fans Praise Star For Au Naturale Shot

"Ice Spice looks so raw and beautiful without makeup, love it!"

A makeup-free selfie of Bronx rhymer Ice Spice has hit the net, leaving fans in awe of her natural beauty and haters with something to say.

The photo surfaced on X/Twitter over the weekend and immediately went viral, showcasing the 23-year-old in a pink wig and without her usual beat face. While some attempted to humble the star with criticism, others praised Spice for her look and for being confident enough to go au naturale in such a shallow industry.

“Ice Spice looks so raw and beautiful without makeup, love it!,” wrote one fan, with another calling her a “goddess” after seeing the snap.

“She looks like a nice normal woman. Would holla, would smash,” added a fan replying to trolls attempting to insult the Grammy nominee, with another adding, “Imagine if we could normalize non-make up photos and just accept people for who they are.”

One fan felt the need to call out the men insulting Ice’s looks with, “The replies to this make me realise how many of y’all have never actually been with a girl.” Someone else added, “Men when they realize women don’t grow seven-foot-long jet-black eyelashes and aren’t born with pink eyeshadow.”

Ice Spice is currently touring with Doja Cat, with whom she sat down for a chat last week regarding career misconceptions, celebrity crushes, and more.

“It was Usher,” explained the “Princess Diana” performer of her first famous crush. “I saw him at the Met Gala and it was my first time ever seeing him, and I’m like, ‘Oh my God, it’s him.”

“He’s beautiful,” added Doja Cat.

“Gorgeous man,” confirmed Spice.

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