May 29, 2024

From Homelessness to Success: Ghanaian Coconut seller Overcomes Challenges, Wins Scholarship to Canada, earns ambassadorial award.

Peter Bawuah is a Ghanaian man who has overcome many challenges and achieved remarkable success in his educational journey. He is currently a graduate student at the University of Windsor in Canada, where he was elected as the student ambassador for international students. He is also a motivational speaker, a graduate teaching assistant, and the founder of Peterhills Foundation, a non-profit organization that supports education and empowerment in Ghana.

Peter’s story is one of resilience, perseverance, and faith. He was born and raised in a village in Ghana, where he had to work hard to support his family and pay for his education. He sold coconut on the streets, worked as a house boy, and did various odd jobs to make ends meet. He faced many difficulties and hardships, but he never gave up on his dreams.

“I always believed that God can lift anybody from anywhere to anywhere,” he said in a video on his YouTube channel, PETER BAWUAH TV.

He excelled in his studies and earned a scholarship to study at the University of Windsor in Canada. He arrived in Canada with only $50 in his pocket, but he found a supportive landlord who helped him with essentials like bed sheets, jackets, food, and flexible rent payment options. He also impressed his professors and peers with his academic performance and leadership skills.

He was elected as the graduate student representative for his department, where he advocates for the interests and welfare of international students. He also shares his motivational messages and inspirational stories on his YouTube channel and social media platforms. He has over 1.8K subscribers on YouTube and over 10K followers on TikTok.

He said he wants to use his platform to inspire others to overcome their obstacles and achieve their goals.

“My vision is to impact lives positively, to empower people, to help people discover their potential, and to catalyze progress in their lives,” he said.

According to the World Bank, Ghana has a population of about 31 million people, of which 12% are living below the poverty line. The literacy rate is 79%, and the gross enrollment ratio for tertiary education is 18%. Peter’s story shows that despite the challenges and limitations, it is possible to achieve educational success and make a positive difference in the world.

He said he is grateful for his father, who supported him throughout his journey and taught him the values of humility and service.

“My dad always told me that no matter where you go or what you become, always remember where you came from and always be humble,” he said.

He also thanked his landlord, his professors, his friends, and everyone who has helped him along the way.

“I am not here by my own strength or wisdom. I am here by the grace of God and the support of many people,” he said.

He said he hopes to continue his studies and pursue a PhD in the future. He also wants to give back to his community and country by supporting education and development projects.

“I have a dream to build schools in Ghana, especially in rural areas where there are no schools or teachers. I want to help children have access to quality education and opportunities,” he said.

Peter Bawuah is a determined Ghanaian man who has triumphed over his challenges and achieved remarkable success. He is an example of what is possible when one has a vision, works hard, and trusts God. He is a source of inspiration and hope for many people around the world.

Another inspirational Ghanaian making medical waves is Dr. Kwadwo Sarpong. He is a man who has overcome incredible odds and challenges to achieve his dream of becoming a brain surgeon at one of the most prestigious medical centers in the world: Vanderbilt University Medical Center.

Dr. Sarpong was born and raised in Ghana, a country in West Africa that has only 13 neurosurgeons for a population of over 30 million people. He immigrated to the United States in 2009 with his family, hoping for a better life and education. However, he faced many hardships and barriers as a new immigrant. He had to work as a janitor at a hospital to support himself and his family, while attending community college and learning English.

Despite these difficulties, Dr. Sarpong never gave up on his passion for neuroscience and medicine. He excelled in his studies and transferred to Emory University in Atlanta, where he graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Neuroscience and Behavioral Biology in 2015. He then pursued his medical degree at Georgetown University School of Medicine, where he graduated in 2022. Get to know more about Dr. Sarpong here.

Peter and Dr. Sarpong deserve to be celebrated for their achievements and contributions.

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