May 30, 2024

Actor Jonathan Majors will no longer play the role of Dennis Rodman in a movie “48 hours in Vegas”.

American actor, Jonathan Majors has reportedly been dropped from playing the role of basketball player, ‘Dennis Rodman’, in an upcoming film project.

More than a year ago, Jonathan Majors was cast to star as Dennis Rodman in the film, which would document the player’s infamous journey to Las Vegas during the NBA Finals in 1998.

The famous actor has not yet been formally removed from the picture but according to a source close to the movie production titled “48 Hours in Vegas,” the source’s states that the actor will not be involved in the movie.

Jonathan was found guilty by a jury last month of assaulting and harassing Grace Jabbari, his ex-girlfriend, after a domestic fight.

Majors, who continues to insist on his innocence, was found guilty of one third-degree reckless assault offence as well as a non-criminal harassing infraction. He was found not guilty of one count of aggravated harassment and one count of assault.

Two further sources from Lionsgate, in addition to the first, claim that the company that acquired the Rodman movie in 2021 gave the project back to the filmmakers so they could find a new actor to produce the movie.

Majors’ legal issues were not the only factor in the behind-the-scenes changes – while the “Loki” star’s troubles certainly complicated matters, the first source says that producers were in talks with a director whose plans were beyond the film’s budget, so Lionsgate allowed producers to take the project elsewhere to achieve their creative vision.

The producers are currently shopping around the film without Majors attached, the two additional sources say. And if the film ends up back at Lionsgate, the first source firmly states that Majors “will be let go.”

“I cannot imagine a world where this moves forward with Jonathan,” one of the two additional individuals close to the project tells CNN, noting that wherever the film ends up, Majors will not be its star.

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