May 30, 2024

Actor Jonathan Majors breaks silence following assault conviction

Less than a month after Jonathan Majors was found guilty on two charges and not guilty on two others in his domestic assault trial, the actor has broken his silence on the verdict.

Speaking with ABC News Linsey Davis, Majors said he was “absolutely shocked and afraid” after he was found guilty of one count of third-degree reckless assault and one count of harassment against his now-ex-partner Grace Jabbari; he was found not guilty of two other counts of intentional assault and aggravated harassment.

According to the star of “Creed III”, his case has been very difficult and confusing for him, not being able to see his daughter in a long time.

“This has been very, very, very hard and very difficult and confusing in many ways
“I haven’t seen my daughter in a long time, and a lot has to do with this,” Majors told Good Morning America.

The California native has spent nearly the last year of his life fighting assault charges from his ex-girlfriend, Grace Jabbari, from March 25th, 2023.
Majors said he was reckless with Jabbari’s heart and not her body.

“I was reckless with her heart, not with her body,” Majors said of Jabbari. “I loved Grace. Our relationship was not healthy, and that began to reveal itself over time.”

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