May 30, 2024

21 Savage Says Drake Didn’t Intentionally Diss Megan Thee Stallion

21 Savage says he doesn’t believe that Drake meant to ridicule Megan Thee Stallion for being shot by Tory Lanez on their 2022 collaborative album Her Loss.

The rapper spoke with Rolling Stone about the controversy surrounding lyrics on “Circo Loco,” a popular song from the album that rubbed fans and Thee Stallion herself in an unpleasant manner. “I don’t feel like that was his intention [to diss Megan],” 21 told the publication. “Remember when I said I was telling him to not hold back, people tried to twist that to make it seem like I was talking about that situation.”

The rapper also likened the lyrics to a “joke” rather than an intentionally harmful statement making light of Megan’s victimization. “That bar was more of, like, a joke bar than him trying to say something about her. But I don’t really like speaking on people’s situations because life be real,” he said.

On “Circo Loco,” Drake raps “This bi**h lie about getting shots, but she still a stallion/ She don’t even get the joke, but she still smiling.” To many fans, the couplet seemingly inferred that Megan had lied about the 2020 shooting incident, which left the Houston native wounded and ultimately landed Lanez behind bars.

Hours after the release of “Circo Loco,” Megan Thee Stallion appeared to react to Drake’s lyrics in a post on social media. “Stop using my shooting for clout bi**h ass ni**a!” she wrote at the time. “Since when [the f**k] is it cool to joke [about] women getting shot! You ni**as especially RAP Ni**gas ARE LAME! Ready to boycott bout shoes and clothes but dog pile on a Black woman when she [says] one of y’all homeboys abused her.”

Megan Thee Stallion was shot in July 2020 in California during an altercation between herself, Tory Lanez, and a friend. The “Body” rapper would name Lanez as her shooter and he would be arrested before being released on bail. In 2022, Lanez was convicted of of three felony charges including assault with a semiautomatic handgun. He was sentenced to 10 years in California state prison in August 2023.

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