May 30, 2024

10 Home Remedies For High Blood Pressure

10 Home Remedies For High BP : Blood pressure is the force or pressure of circulating blood against the walls of blood vessels. Normal blood pressure for adults is a systolic pressure (figure on top) of 120 or less and diastolic pressure (figure at bottom) of 80 or less. Blood pressure changes throughout the day based on one’s activity or lifestyle.

High blood pressure is normally called ‘Silent Killer’ because, you may not experience any symptom whilst having it and it can lead to a very serious health risk./ Home Remedies For High BP

It’s advisable to check your blood pressure in a regular basis to know your status.

Some home remedies for controlling blood pressure are

1. Limit your salt intake

2. Exercise regularly

3. Avoid smoking. / Home Remedies For High BP

4. Reduce stress

5. Limit your alcohol intake

6. Manage your weight

7. Get enough rest

8. Regular check -ups

9. Drink enough water./ Home Remedies For High BP

10. Avoid too much caffeine

Control your BP and avoid stroke

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